Svitlana Shylman

Svitlana Shylman, Brooklyn NY, USA


Areas of Expertise  – Psychiatry, neurology, pain management.

Certified clinical research coordinator and clinical research professional with extensive experience in CNC clinical research trials. Since 2001.

  • Verbal and written communication for understanding project requirements and explaining these needs to employees and third-party providers
  • Attention to detail to ensure all specifications are met
  • Problem-solving abilities to correct any challenges or inefficiencies for the best results
  • Decisiveness and good judgment to address pressing project matters when time is limited
  • Organization and time management to manage multiple tasks, sometimes for multiple projects, at once
  • Leadership and motivation to guide team members in making consistent progress
  • Goal-setting to set realistic deadlines and strategize daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly progress

Hourly Rate $ 30 USD

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