Mohamed Umar M

Mohamed Umar M, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Areas of Expertise  – Pharmacovigilance,Clinical Research,Clinical Review.

Since 2016.

Second Profession – Pharmacovigilance.

Skilled Clinical Research Professional with an international track record of success in progressively responsible positions in clinical environments and worked on the vendor side of the business with Johnson & Johnson, Merck,Mylan,Perrigo, Roche and Daiichi Sankyo.Doctorate in Pharmacy with post graduate diploma in clinical research, pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs with additional certification in GCP, TCPS2 and pharmacovigilance. Experienced in monitoring multiple site locations, clinical site evaluation, initiation maintenance and close-out visits in accordance with GCP,GDP and company’s SOP while ensuring integrity of study data and following study timelines. Skilled in applying applicable clinical research regulatory requirements such as GCP and ICH guidelines.  Clear awareness of diverse backgrounds, alert to widely varied patient needs and circumstances. Collaborative team player,acting as key resource to colleagues and allied health professionals. Consistently meet/exceed expectations, combining cost containment with quality improvements and customer service.

  • Verbal and written communication for understanding project requirements and explaining these needs to employees and third-party providers
  • Attention to detail to ensure all specifications are met
  • Problem-solving abilities to correct any challenges or inefficiencies for the best results
  • Decisiveness and good judgment to address pressing project matters when time is limited
  • Organization and time management to manage multiple tasks, sometimes for multiple projects, at once
  • Leadership and motivation to guide team members in making consistent progress
  • Goal-setting to set realistic deadlines and strategize daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly progress

Hourly Rate $ 50 USD

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