Lovelyn Calderon

Lovelyn Calderon, Edmonton, Canada

Areas of Expertise – Medical- Surgical, Community Health, Maternal and Child Nursing, Pharmacology and Medical Terminologies. Since 2012.

Second Profession 
Registered Nurse (Philippines).

I am a well rounded and dedicated professional with a most recent practicum experience as a Hospital Unit Clerk at the Orthopedic Unit of Royal Alexandra Hospital. I gained 8 years nursing experience in total from both clinical setting and in the academe. I was also able to accomplish publishing review materials for my students who were aspiring to become nurses through thorough study and research.

  • excellent communication, both written and verbal, and interpersonal skills
  • the ability to build effective relationships with trial centre staff and colleagues
  • the ability to motivate others
  • strong customer focus
  • an excellent grasp of numeracy and a keen eye for detail
  • presentation skills
  • the ability to multitask and think on your feet
  • a flexible and adaptable approach to work
  • organisational, IT and administrative skills 
  • managing clinical trial management systems and electronic data capture
  • understanding of the importance of good clinical practice (GCP)

Hourly Rate $70 USD

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