Kelechi Ekwonwa

Kelechi Ekwonwa, Lagos & Abua, Nigeria


Areas of Expertise 
Clinical Research – Clinical Trial Monitoring – IVD – AI & ML.

Since 2016.

Second Profession 
Biomedical Scientist.Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Professional.GCLP Specialist.Life Sciences Product Management

Kelechi is an incurable optimist and a firm believer in possibilities that one day, we will stand taller than all our challenges in life.I am a Biomedical Scientist well versed in Clinical Laboratory Leadership & Management and Quality Assurance Implementation, on a mission to redefining Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics in Nigeria and Africa; hence inspiring Africa in the process.Possess a strong ability to rapidly navigate emerging challenges, identify creative and constructive solutions, and quickly gain the trust and respect of team members; detail-oriented with exceptional oral and written communication skills, as well as excellent presentation skills.Specialties:1) Team Leading 2) Laboratory Process management and coordination 3) Procurement and inventory management 4)Total Quality Management Review and Assessment 5) Process improvement strategy 6) Draw center coordination and management 7) Healthcare facility and clinician’s network coordination 8) Vendor’s relationship management…Changing the Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics through the power of formidable team!!!

  • excellent communication, both written and verbal, and interpersonal skills
  • the ability to build effective relationships with trial centre staff and colleagues
  • the ability to motivate others
  • strong customer focus
  • an excellent grasp of numeracy and a keen eye for detail
  • presentation skills
  • the ability to multitask and think on your feet
  • a flexible and adaptable approach to work
  • organisational, IT and administrative skills 
  • managing clinical trial management systems and electronic data capture
  • understanding of the importance of good clinical practice (GCP)

Hourly Rate $70 USD

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