Andrii Gorbunov

Andrii Gorbunov, Dnipro, Dnipropetrovska, Ukraine


Since 2002.

Second Profession 
Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Histologist, Embryologist

Medicine. Psychiatry. Clinical work experience in adult psychiatry (both in private practice and municipal mental service) — about 10 years. My strengths are profound knowledge of psychopathology, psychopharmacology, neurophysiology; adherence to GCP and other international standards, always up to continuous medical education. Besides mental health questions, the experience gained allows me to find out an approach to individuals of different character and temper, to prevent and resolve the various situations of psychological or social tension in a team.Management. Recently under my direct supervision there have been 5 to 15 staffsubordinates. I am in charge of day-hospital in the City Psychiatric Dispensary. Besides, officiating the duties of the Novomoskovsk branch head (locum regularly), I decently have managed the work of the entire branch (district psychiatrists, medical nurses, psychologists, sanitarians, administrators), solved medical and office issues, including expert medical commission supervision, interaction with city municipal services. Much earlier, during my academic work, I managed the Student Scientific Society, organized and promoted the talented students, stimulated their interest in scientific laboratory research. I developed the course of audio-lectures on Cytology and Histology, freely available on the Internet .Science and Research. Have experience with scientific documentation, writing articles and fragments of theses, conducting histological and embryological researches. While working on the dissertation, I mastered histology and embryology methods, successfully passed the PhD exams, independently conducted histological examination. During a psychiatrist position, I performed neurophysiological studies in patients with psycho-somatic disorders in the dynamics — before medication and in the treatment process.Computer and internet.

  • Acted as the representative of the discovery organization to monitor clinical trials of the lead compounds
  • Developed Point of Care assays for clinical trials and First in Human studies
  • Conducted numerous clinical trials 
  • Worked with team members to ensure a transition from Phase II to Phase III clinical trials.
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Perseverance and motivation

Hourly Rate $ 70 USD

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